Richard writes poetry all the time. The following is a small selection of his poems.

  • Poem #1

    Child of Hollywood

    Child of Hollywood, cocaine in her dresser drawer,
    satisfaction ten minutes away,
    just a sniff and she'll be blown away.

    Child of Hollywood, just needs a friend,
    a lonely girl's life made up of pretend,
    always glassy -eyed with no means to an end.

    Child of Hollywood, in a red porsche,
    another sniff and everything's alright,
    flies off a cliff on an endless flight,
    alone at last, without a friend or past,
    Child of Hollywood, alone at last

  • Poem #2

    Youth, cought by its roots.
    Dripping rules saturated around it,
    Youth lost to a world
    Not yet an infant
    But controlled by adults
    Who live off the youth to life.

    Poem #3

    If you look closely,
    you will find a man
    who knows exactly what he wants,
    who is blessed with natural control
    which does not need to be harnessed
    but remains untamed...
    Nothing is as beautiful as unleashed,
    uncontrolled energy naturally channeled
    in multiple facets of self expression.

  • Poem #4

    A Whimsical Frail Flower with a Metal Frame

    A whimsical frail flower with a metal frame
    Weeping out with emotion for life
    A rose with a thousand deadly thorns
    Dripping venom from its tips
    Attracting prey
    A countess in white lace
    With needless for nails and swords laced with sugar
    Open ye mouth and swallow me whole
    Let not one drip of blood stain my white slacks
    For we are not to be obvious
    But discreet and boisterous

    In this fantasy world in which we created
    Out of black lace and lust
    And when the winter comes
    And the cold tries to rape you of your soul
    Just look into the sky
    At the soaring black eagle with transparent eyes
    Guiding you through the cold
    Back into the arms of a weeping madman
    Sitting under a fertile willow tree
    Singing Gaelic folk songs to a crowd that was never there
    But all created just for you
    To engulf and grow
    Into a beautiful forest of flowers
    All very different yet very the same
    Saturated with sun and light
    Never be afraid
    But be afraid of never!

  • Poem #5

    Wall of shame - Wall of pain
    (written after Richard was in Berlin, Germany in 1993 and
    visited the wall which fall was November, 1989)

    When they tored down you couldn't hear a sound
    Freedom stands in a way
    Freedom is a name
    Freedom of pain

    They say we can live together in unity
    As your sisters and brothers cry in the streets
    As blood becomes thick between the white sheets
    The say we have a voice, but we have bo choice
    As the world goes unsain
    Freedom of pain
    Freedom of pain

    I picked up the paper and I see a country crying in vain
    I sit back and cry, it will always be the same
    How come we can't live together
    When they say there will love be forever
    For human-beings can not be taint
    Freedom of pain
    Freedom of pain

    One more cheer is what I plead
    Love and honesty is what we need
    We scream for forgiveness
    We scream for togetherness
    As they shoot us down they raped the civilar voice
    As they say we have a choice
    One more chear for the love that never came
    Freedom of pain
    Freedom of pain

  • Poem #6


    Success is something we all want to achieve
    But what is success?
    Most people weigh it in terms of money or position
    That shows how demented and backwards our society is.
    Success is a state of being In which we must be happy with our total self
    Not just the external
    Which becomes more jaded As we grow older